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About Me

My Story

My name is Naomi Williams, a Caribbean-Dutchie based in Spain and delighted to join you on this path of self-discovery!

I coach my clients in different ways. All the tools and methodologies I apply are tailored to your specific needs. My approach heavily depends on the personal objectives that were set and the “color” of the person. My expertise lies in Career and Personal Development.


As a certified coach I work with clients from all over the world and am able to hold coaching sessions fluently in English, Spanish and Dutch. My focus is on empowering you to achieve transformational development in the career, personal and relational areas of your life.


Are you a university graduate looking for guidance in career perspectives? Or a seasoned professional aspiring to change your career course? My 15+ years experience in the corporate, governmental and educational sectors in The Netherlands, The Caribbean, Australia and Spain enable me to coach a wide variety of clients.

Seven years ago I started my own blended family journey. Facing the same relational, parental and marital pressure many step-parents go through, I learned strategies that provide support and confidence in resolving conflicts in co-parenting and relating to stepchildren.

My professional education

  • Professional Coaching - Institut Gestalt (Spain)

  • Labour & Organizational Psychology - NTI (Netherlands)

  • Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP) - Institut Neuron (Spain)

  • Embodied Coaching & Enneagramma - Studio Le Corporal (Spain)

  • Rebirthing workshop (delivered by Chérif Chalakani) - Gestalt Barcelona (Spain)

What can I do for you?

It is not uncommon for negativity, fear and feelings of failure to appear when you are looking for a change. You can experience unhappiness with your current life, or the longing to stir it all up and start something new. 

Reflecting on our current status and wanting a change of attitude are often a great start to transform our lives and get back on track. 


This is where Transformational Coaching works best! A transformational coach creates an environment where self-discovery leads to awareness of limiting beliefs, connects you to your emotions and enables positive change.

Coaching helps you to understand what is holding you back and why. As your coach I will support you in getting clarity, achieving the life you aspire and give you that extra nudge to embrace your own success.


Does this sound familiar? Do you want to flip life around? Let's set new ways together. I'll walk with you!


Interested in knowing more?

I am offering you a first 30min call or videoconference for FREE to get to know each other, listen to what your needs are and for you to ask all the questions that you might have before taking the decision to initiate your coaching process with me.

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