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I'm Naomi, a Caribbean-Dutchie, delighted to join you on this path of self-discovery!

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"Sometimes you just need to take a first step, even though the road is unclear."

Connect to your Power

When we were younger we had big plans in life. In our head, we had it all mapped out. Growing into what we call adulthood we came to realize that “life happened” and somewhere along the road our map had changed. We are now walking a path without a clear destiny. A route without direction that can heavily influence one's attitude and perception of oneself.

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Professional Career Development

1on1 (online or in person) - 1h/50€


Personal Development

1on1 (online or in person) - 1h/50€


Blended Family Compositions

Online or in person - 1h/50€


Skills Workshop

Online or in person - Price upon consultation

Tropical Leaves


“It’s been an amazing experience to be coached by Naomi on Esade’s career program. Her insights were key and most relevant for my professional strategy building. The guidance given by her presented me with a plural/international intake about different cultures, industries, network expansion and my storytelling development. I recommend Naomi’s hands on approach for anyone who wishes to leave the session with a clear focus and energy boost to make it happen.”

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